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Happy Friday!

Coming at you from a literally exhausted college student. That has successfully moved herself, though massive cups of coffee and excessive dry shampoo. But hey it’s finally Friday, thank goodness!!! First off thank you so so SO MUCH! For all the wonderful, sweet and incredibly nice birthday wishes! You all mean the world to me so if you reached out via text, email and or here on the blog please know it did not go unnoticed! I spent the day doing my ultimate dream… NOTHING I did practically nothing at all and to that I was extremely at peace and happy. Less is more, and with the intense week I had ahead of me I was looking very forward to a day of straight relaxation!I may or may not of slipped into my PJs and sat around and ate cake and watched my brand new candle burn. It was a total win-win situation of myself. And it was just nice to take one day off as I said above before the week got ahead of me and went crazy!

However, around the time of my birthday we have the switch off to fall temperatures. I love the feeling of waking up in the morning and being so cozy in bed you just do not want to get out! That has been me over the past few days! My wardrobe has done a 360 switch over to all fall. Which is hilarious since last week on Tuesday it was 88. Finally, we let go of the Indian summer and welcomed what I believe to be now FALL! Thank you lord!  But really what is better than all the fall leaves finally turning for the season? Nothing if you ask me!
What are some things you are excited for when it comes to changing your wardrobe for the next season? Let me know below!


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