Gettin out the old to welcome the new

March Madness is now upon us for about a week now. And I don’t mean march madness as in Basketball I mean in my closet.

Okay now that probably was not the perfect opening line but it is so true. And if you know me you know I HATE, holding onto clothing I don’t necessarily need any more of. Since I am starting that transitional part in my life when it comes to clothing. I am noticing I want more of a serious, investment pieces wardrobe. Which is funny because before I was not like that at all until recently. Have you ever wondered how these ladies are able to go and be able to create a huge investment closet? Truth is that is where I want to start going with my closet. So over the weekend, I took time to clean, let go and make room for new new new!!! I wanted to take some time to write down some of my tips when getting rid of those clothes and how to decide what to get rid of and what to keep!

Give to a woman’s shelter: By far I can not stress this enough we are so blessed with having the opportunity to have clothes and gorgeous pieces. And for that reason, I always recommend to people to go take time to go and donate those clothes to women that need them more than yourself

Sell on Poshmark or other places: For those pieces that can still get value from I can’t stress going and placing stuff on Poshmark or other sites. I have an account on Poshmark and I love selling some pieces I know I can get more for and can have another life with someone!

 One big tip I have when it comes to cleaning out your closet you have to ask yourself three big questions.

 One Question I ask myself: When will I wear this again and where to?? A lot of my wardrobe is stuff that I keep and just keep throwing into my closet over and over again! Thinking that I would wear it again but never would get around to wearing it. Truth is I fall into a routine of wearing the same thing over again.

 Second Question: Is this still in style? Okay so stupid but seriously if you have a top from high school how much is it still in style??? Additionally, ask yourself what does the garment look like?? Stains, rips and tears are not worth keeping. Period point blank

Last question: Do I have space for this? Do I personally feel if I put these into my closet will I be able to know where it is and be able to find it??? If you placed it back into your closet could you find it and actually say that you would wear it again!?


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  1. Pam Scalfi
    March 19, 2018 / 9:18 am

    I wrote a post with a similar concept a while ago and I agree with all of these points!Pam xo/ Pam Scalfiā™„

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