The dress to wear into September

Can we take a moment to think that September is going to be here in a matter of two in a half weeks? O M G !!!

I am beyond shocked over here that summer is generally done for us. But excited that Fall is going to be making its way here in a mater of 2 months! Officially today I started my Senior year of College and let me just start out by saying I am beyond shocked that the time has come! I am officially trading in my nice work pants, shoes and blouses for sweatpants, joggers and sweaters. Becuase 8 Am’s are real and they are mentally exhausting for one, like myself. But for real I am really excited to adopt the rolling out of bed mentality this next semester. Because adulting was too hard these past few months for myself! I am practically trying to buy as much time as I possibly can now with not having to enter my adult world yet!

One thing that I have always loved is this dress, so when I saw it finally was restocked I slightly freaked out with excitement and happiness! And then, knew I had to shoot it one more time before Summer is gone and done with. This leads me to the transition to fall, I have been all about starting to transition my wardrobe over. Even though we technically have another month worth of Summer and warm temperatures. This dress is one easy and breezy dress to own in one’s closet, I recommend to anyone that is potentially looking for an easy dress to throw on if you are constantly on the go like myself!

What are some pieces that you guys are loving that have been currently restocked? Mine has to be everything here, the dress, shoes and bag. Comment below and let me know you favorite restockes!


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