Finding the perfect Denim

I’m back!!! After taking last week off to get ready for Pittsburgh fashion week and a little vacation at the end of the week. I decided to take time off to prepare and get ready for some rest and relaxation. It was so nice for us because for one Connor and myself not once this past summer took time off for vacation and or took even one day off. So taking a long weekend and visiting the Outer Banks with the rest of family was greatly appreciated and a beyond fun time! Connor and I are happy to be back and getting ready for the week! 

With the unofficial first day of Fall this past Saturday! And I was located in 90F degree temperatures it was so hard to have that “Fall” mentality especially when it was 58F up in Pittsburgh. With knowing that fall is now officially here. It is finally time to switch over to full-on Fall content. Today I decided to kick off Fall with the conversation of the perfect denim. And how to find the perfect pair of denim for Fall and Winter! 

I will be the honest person over here, I am not a stick person girl. In no way has that ever been me! But good for those girls who are straight sticks! I feel like sometimes in blogging world that makes it so much easier. But personally, that is not the case for me. So when it comes to exploring denim I really have to look for many things. Cut, Wash and overall texture and life of the denim. 

So what does that mean 

I have officially three rules as I stated above! When it comes to the Cut I’ve been exploring so many other options. If you know what I am talking about when you were in middle school with your mid-rise jeans. It isn’t cute anymore in your twenties…. Surprisingly this year I fell in love with Old Navy Rockstar denim. I’ll be honest the cut. Is A++ literally it covers pulls and makes it’s perfect! 

Next thing I look for is Wash, I’ll be the first to tell

You. I look HORRID in light wash denim. Maybe I actually look good but I feel like I look bad so hence I don’t even come near it. I just do at times a light but still a dark wash. It’s a good compromise for myself and it still complements! 

Finally overall texture! What does that mean? It means cotton blend, spandex, or a polyester blend. It makes a huge difference. Personally, I look a loose denim jean. It looks and feels better on me and it gives me some breathing room! The ones that I am wearing in today’s post are Old Navy’s Rockstar Jean and I love These because of the movement and they look good on. At first, when I ordered them I was so torn! I didn’t know if I wanted to keep or return them! I soon kinda realized that they were perfect! 

So with the first week of Fall that leaves me with the question to you all! Have you officially purchased your denim yet for Fall? If so what are you loving style-wise?

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  1. Pam
    September 27, 2018 / 9:25 am

    I used to think light denim wasnt for me either but I’ve recently got a pair and I love it 🙂
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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