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Have you ever just struggled with this time of year? Holiday parties, get together’s and just winter shopping in general. Well, I have that problem quite too often. I am the person that struggles hardcore with finding something to wear for events and for special occasions’. That’s why I was so exited when the Loft, and my local Loft Westmoreland. Welcomed me in for an afternoon to explain to be the amazing and awesome styling services they have. SO I packed my bag and went to the nearest Loft to try out there amazing styling services.

As soon as I arrived I was welcomed by the sweetest people in the world. And then they escorted me to my own dressing room where I arrived to tons and I mean TONS of awesome pieces. So fun Fact, the Loft has ruled out this awesome service where you can set up a Wardrobing appointment. And then you have the opportunity to work with a stylist one on one. Thus helping you to create the perfect wardrobe for basically any event, special occasion and or anything you might have. In this wardrobe appointment, I was able to work with Jordan who is the sweetest human ever. She pulled me stuff already that was in my size, for this we chose everything. Dresses, Pj’s and everything in between helping to really set the tone for what these wardrobe appointments are all about.

Why I loved this! 

Okay, reason one why I loved this is because its perfect for any kind of girl. If you are getting ready to go into a career and or a post-grad. If you are seeking a professional wardrobe this is perfect for you. I know personally I fear for the day when I have to build a whole entire wardrobe off of business professional. I love that they can help and guide you through this in  a positive way with finding the right dress, or potentially helping you find slacks that fit and look good. Look good feel good!

If you need a refresh this is for you.

If you have been dealing with the same wardrobe for some time now and you want an instant refresh. This might be the most perfect thing for you. I love the idea of refreshing and just evolving in ones wardrobe. This is the perfect way to get out of your comfort zone. Meet new pieces and have looks you might not have ever looked into previously. By far one of my favorite things on this planet is shopping and as it is for most women. Now you can shop easily.

Finally, if you want a second opinion! 

I know that at times we lack that second opinion and to that I think that this is a wonderful service that allows you to experience different feels for looks!

Below are some of my favorite looks from my afternoon at the Loft Shopping and having a Wardrobe consultation. A lot of these looks actually ended up going home with me, which is pretty awesome!

Special thank you to Loft and The Loft Westmoreland for having me!







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