Easy Thanksgiving Look

Can we believe that the week is here Thanksgiving is here. If you know me you know I LOVE Thanksgiving more than anything and today I wanted to share some looks with you all. Over on instagram stories I am sharing a Target try-on sharing three super cute and easy looks that you can pick up over at your local Target. If we did not know I love Target and if we did not know this already I am there ATLEAST once to two times a week. So If you love Target as much as I do, make sure to swing over to @coffeenablonde to check that out this afternoon.

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Okay so now onto this dress, a perfect option for Thanksgiving if you ask me! I love this dress so much and by far it is one of the most comfortable ones. Truth is I should of bought it one size down, but due to ordering it online I purchased it in a size bigger. But most totally reccomend staying true to size when it comes to this dress.

I linked tons of different options below for you guys when it comes to easy Thanksgiving looks!

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