CVS Epic Beauty Event

Happy Monday everyone! And happy March everyone!! Can we all take a moment to believe that we are in March? I’m shocked where the months have been going! Even though we have snow, I am hopeful that spring will be here soon! I wanted to take a moment to dedicate a whole post today regarding the CVS Epic Beauty Event!

You might ask me what event this is? Let me tell you all of the details! From March 17th through April 16, you can earn up to $100 of ExtraBucks rewards by purchasing eligible beauty products. Every week, a new set of ExtraBucks items will be featured that highlight new brands, products and trends. So everyday is the opportunity to shop brand new trends and things that you love and want for your beauty counter! Giv eme all of the beauty products. Fun fact these past two months I have been testing beauty products hard. And I still love a  good old drug store beauty product haul.

Y’all I just want to start off by saying are you all aware of how good drug store beauty is now? Literally this past Saturday I took walk around CVS. I was shocked over how many good products they had. Literally so many good products Isle of Isle of products! I was shocked and just really impressed overall! Back five years ago drug store products really started to get better and be higher quality. But wow, I was very impressed! I still believe drugstore cleansers are the best over any expensive one you will find at Sephora or Nordstrom. Take a note from me, don’t overspend!

I decided to round up what I snagged from the CVS Epic Beauty Event below! All some of my favorite products! Along with some new ones that I must say I love!!



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