Christmas Tree Farm

True life: I have always wanted to be the cute blogger that goes to the Christmas tree farm and takes adorable photos. So the other day after church when I recommended this idea to Connor. He instantly sprung up with an idea. He proceeded to tell me that his family members have a Christmas tree farm, and like that a half an hour later we were on our way to the Christmas tree farm. 

What if I told you this look is actually built over the concept of overalls??? Yes overall’s it was so chilly that day that I had to go and actually include a nice little pullover. Let’s be honest I would love to be way more put together, but hey that is life. Not all the time is fabulous! At least I am super honest here! 

But in actuality, I was super pleased because I love and I mean love this pullover. Back on Saturday on Instagram, I posted this pullover and even linked its 12.99 dupe. Yes, YOU heard me correctly. Nothing I love more than an affordable and cute dupe. Besides that it makes such an awesome holiday gift for the lady in one’s life. I actually just purchased the vest version in brown for my mom for Christmas! 



  1. NotJessFashion
    December 18, 2017 / 3:38 am

    YOur sweater and boots makes a really cute combination dear! Love it.Jessica |

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