Casual Friday

On friday’s patches and I go to starbucks together and I get him a little sweet treat! He always likes
to do some selfies to send to his mommy!

I always love love love to go out and buy fresh flowers and then make arrangements
and put them throughout the house. It has to be one of my favorite things and they
last so long! (well because I usually put them in direct sunlight)

This day I it was so cold and I hate being cold especially in AUGUST! So I was feeling blue
and hello I love to rock my Jack Rodgers! 

When Fridays come and I am oh so lucky enough that I don’t have to work. I enjoy getting to make flower arrangements or cleaning some part of my house or even getting to spend some time with my poochie (patches or #sirpatchesfox). So on this Monday I really wanted to post some of the things that I do on an typical Friday though pictures. I even threw in a little ootd, it has been do chilly here at home so I’m all about fresh and summerish even though it’s so cold!

As always thank you so very much for reading!



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