Boyfriend Denim for Spring

Happy Thursday everyone!

We are almost to the end of the week and I am so beyond excited for the weekend. Even though this week we are in spring break, it isn’t spring break at all. I’m still working, blogging and making content for you guys! Which I love!

Let’s face it at this point we are all probably wondering when and where spring is. I know I’m patiently waiting over here. Especially since everyone I know has been on wonderful warm vacations! Sorry no it’s just snowing and a high of 20 here. Beyond over it at this point. The only thing keeping me together is shopping for spring. I already have been snagging and shopping for spring! I have been buying mustard which is huge for spring, espadrille platforms and of course fun printed items. I am beyond ready for the change of the season!

While I wait for spring I am loving pink tones, along with these stretchy and fabulous ripped denim! I snagged these from the wight elephant and they HAVE restocked them a few times! But I was able to go find some new and very very similar ones that are perfect option! What I love most about these is how comfortable they are! I feel like in in PJ’s which is so awesome. Ask me what I’m loving in my closet when it comes to bottoms it’s these hand over fist! Especially when it is so hard sometimes for me to shop and get denim. These are my favorite and they are the best ever, even if you had too many snacks. Or in my case tacos!

Shop some of my favorites from this outfit below. Along with some awesome dupes of my jeans! They are my absolute favorite you will thank me later for reccomending this for you!

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