Best Closet buys for January

Here we are! The month of February, and we are seeing the possibility for sunshine and an early spring. And I am all about the idea of an early spring over here in western PA. With the feeling of an early spring, I am all about the idea of shopping and getting ready for spring. I wanted to round up some of my very favorite pieces that I purchased in the month of January and share them with you. These are the perfect pieces to have for now and to transition to spring with.

This past month for me was all about buying, trends and soft pastels with pink touches. I won’t lie to you, I love February for one thing. Pink, White and Red. But, I actually shared that with you on Friday about why I love it so much. It’s the perfect excuse to cheer up one’s wardrobe.


5 things that made the top of my list last month with purchases were as following:

Star studed sweater: This sweater is my favorite, I saw it and seriously loved it beyond words and knew that I needed to have it in my wardrobe. Hence what I did, and it literally was worth the purchase.

Golden Goose Dupes: One of the best purchase yet to date. I have recerntly in past months fell in love with tennis shoes. And more so on the go shoes. I love these and they go with just about everything in the world!

Funfetti Confetti Sweater: Yes yes yes, so much yes to this sweater. A perfect dupe to all the one’s we have been seeing in the boutiques and in the stores. ALL the bloggers have been wearing this sweater and I knew I had to have it. Plus the color scheme of it is PERF!!!

A Pretty Heart Bag: need I say anthing else? I love this bag so much and it is perfect for this time of year.

Finally this Darling cute pink coat: I love this coat. Originally I saw it a few weeks ago loved it so much and my mom snagged it for me! Need I say anything else?

What were some of your favorite purchases for the month of January? Let me know below!


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