Back to essentials

 If we can be honest, I am over winter. Yesterday Connor was telling me to go visit his friend in Florida it would be roughly 150 bucks and I was SOLD. I am tired of jeans and boots and feeling like a fat lard of tub. That is why I was actually pumped when I was able to get out this past weekend and wear normal or subnormal clothing. Because to be super honest nothing is worse than the cold, nothing. 

One thing I absolutely love in this world is new balance shoes. YES, you heard me 100% correctly. I love new balances. There is something about the versatility of an outfit these shoes can create. And for me a versatile piece of clothing is something I love more than anything. Connor got me these babes for Christmas and ill be honest I am obsessing over them! They are perfect for me and they fit my wardrobe perfectly. The rose gold accents are darling and the dark blue is a refreshing feel! 


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