Amazon Summer Skirt under 20

Yes you heard me correct UNDER $20 Summer Skirt. Yes please!!u

Happy Monday and welcome back to my Blog! I am so happy that you guys found your way back to my little area of space on the internet!

I wanted to kick off the new week by continuing the disucssion with Amazon fashion! This week I am planning to doing my post on May best buys and this skirt really did take the cake in May. With everything that I purchased in May this skirt still holds true and is one of the best things that I purched for the month. Hands down this skirt right here!

Little sizing refrence for you all. I am wearing a size SMALL, however I do wish that I went and sixed up just for a little bit more of some confort and for coverage in my opinion. Even though it looks completley fine, I just like to be covered a little bit more. Furthermore, if I sized up one I could of sucessfully been able to tie the strings better on the skirt. With the SMALL I was not able to do so. Just a little food for thought!


This piece is made exceptionally well for its price. Obviously we know pieces are made cheaper at times and not as high of quality with the price point. However, this is made exceptionally well and I am really impressed. Most of the time you see peices at this price point being super sheer and not full coverage. Not this skirt, full coverage and super comfy. Making it another reason as to why it is a sucessful buy if you ask me.

Overall I have to tell you this is one of the best purchases yet this year! Being under $20 makes it so much better if you ask me! Additionally this skirt comes in a multitude of colors and prints and is PERFECT for this summer!



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