Amazon Summer Must – Cheetah Overalls

Happy Thursaday Everyone!

Welcome back to my Blog. Today I wanted to focus on all things Amazon Fashion. If you guys have seen all over Instagram people have been posting the frenzy about Amazon Fashion. I can’t believe I am going to say this but I fell down the Rabbit hole and found a ton of awesome stuff from amazon. One of the things that I found are these Cheetah Overalls! I found these after roughly about three- in half hours of scrolling through Amazon. These perfectly priced overalls had my heart and I knew that I needed to add them to my cart.

I have to admit these overalls are a true interesting piece. They are perfectly prices number 1 and they also come uber fast with Amazon Prime. Thank god for Amazon Prime in all honesty. I bought them in a size medium after reading about sizing. I will be completley transparent with you all. I wished that I sized up to a solid Large. Just because the demensions between the torso and the legs pull slightly. They have tendency to get a little tight and uncomfortable. So for ultimate comfort in these, I do reccomend sizing up one more size just to be better suited with layering and not feeling so tight.

I wanted to make a pact in the next few weeks to share some pieces that I have snagged from Amazon. And so today is these adorable overalls and over the coming weeks I am going to share  tips and tricks when it comes to purhasing Amazon Fashion pieces. If you are someone that has slid down the Rabbit hole when it comes to this. Make sure to look into comments, why? Because you want to see fully the fit, design and quaity of the item. SO many of you are sharing and posting reviews on these Amazon pages. Which makes it so much easier to pick and choose what is worth the money!

How do you all feel about Amazon fashion?




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