Amazon Hair Accessories all under $30

Amazon never ever dissapoints ever. And with that being said it has really been able to cater to the wants of the beaded headand trend. I love this trend, I will be the first to openly admit this to you with the beaded and the large knot. They are perfect to throw on for a night out and or if you aren’t really feeling like doing your hair. Throw on one of these headbands and you are 100% ready to go. The only downfall is they do take up alot of space. Which at times can become extremly frustrating and complex to fit and place in ones space.

Today on the blog I wanted to break down Amazon pieces that are AWESOME! Guys get on Amazon randomly and start searching you will find literally one of the best selection of pieces  that you will be shocked over. The best part is they are available on prime and with fast and reliable delivery. Even better??? Most of these pieces will be included in Amazon Prime day! Double bonus!

What I love most about these headbands is that you can wear these easily into the Fall and the Winter which is another thing that I love because it makes it super versitle.

Shop all of my favorite pieces above!

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