Amazon Designer Dupes

For some time now I have been dying to break down designer amazon DUPES! I know that you have seen so many bloggers around the internet taking on and sharing there designer dupes they found. But this time I really did some digging to find the best dupes at really the best prices! The best part is they are all,  Amazon Prime and available without long shipping times! SCORE!! Some of these peices are pieces that I own and actaully carry everyday and or use everyday! And or are pieces that have been sitting in my amazon cart for weeks now or months. So today on the blog im breaking them all down for you!

Valentino Rockstud dupes: Available in literally 15 colors! And also available in different heights and teture of leather! So worth it considering how expensive Rockstuds can be!

Valentino Rockstud Bag: Yes!!! I was so excited when I found this dupe! Best part? Its under $80 and a awesome option if you don’t want that general investment

Chloe Bags: 2 chloe bags are mentioned in the post and a FRACTION of the cost. Which is my absolute favorite thing on planet. Why not test out before you buy!

Gucci Dupe- One of the best Marmont dupes I have seen around the web. I saw this bag last week and freaked out such a good dupe and under $40!

Gucci Mules- AHHH I have had my eyes on these Gucci dupes for WEEKS now! For a awesome pair of shoes around $100 why not! I love the fur option and the regular pink ones. They also come in White and Black!!

Gucci Belt- I feel like this is the most obvious dupes around. This one is my favorite and available in three sizes! YAY! So many Gucci dupes have been getting shut down but this one is still going.

David Yurman- SOOOO many good dupes avaialble! I was so shocked when I read the quality of all the Dupes! Everyone was raving about the quality and the craftsmanship in the product! So worth it if you ask me!

Shop my entire dupe list below!

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