All you need is Love and Doughnuts


Happy Monday y’all!

Raise those hands if you guys are so so very excited that it is the start of the new week! AND that this week is Valentine’s Day! I am mostly excited for the day after (Febuary 15th) for all the half price candy and and junk food. pretty much one of my very favorite things. I only buy the day AFTER, always have and always will. (Hardcore bargon shopper over here)

I am also so excited because this week is really the last week for all the hearts and Vday outfit inspirations. I won’t lie to you I love being able to go wear some bright and cute heart outfits. This monogram sweatshirt from Ilovejewlery is one of my FAVORITES right now. Did you guys know that you can get monthly monogram subscriptions sent right to your doorsteps? Well you can, and its pretty much the most fabulous thing to happen since just about anything. I wont lie, this top deffintley drags attention and really makes comments come. I love it, and its perfect to desribe all the LOVE this Valentine’s Day.

I also never ever eat doughnuts like ever but for this day I felt they were so needed and were perfect for Valentine’s Day. But I mean did you guys see the adorable heart doughnuts? The best! I may or may not of ate a doughnut, the first time in roughly 2 years. No shame at all for me, they were so good and so worth it! Plus all for the shot!

I decided to link some of my very favorite pieces that are beyond perfect for Valentine’s Day this week. I also went ahead and linked some of my favorite pieces over on the right hand side. Hello cute coats, tops and jewlery. Literally shop my closet right now.

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