A Step in the right direction

Can you believe that we are officially stepping into the month of August. I am so beyond shocked that summer has literally been a snap of a finger and we are starting to think about Fall. Yes, you heard me correctly, FALL. Personally, I have switched over all buying from Summer to transitional/ Fall. And if you know me, you know its all about a good old budget.

I have been spending the past few days setting a straight budget and looking into exactly what I wanted to spend my pennies on. Additionally, since I did not partake in the Nordstrom sale this year. I was really able to get a sense for what  I wanted to see on myself for fall. I decided to share some of my four tips and tricks when it comes to shopping for the change of the season and what stretches the most in your closet!

  1. Know what you want!-  SO important, don’t be a follower set yourself up for what you want and what you feel comfortable in!
  2. Set a Budget- I am not a Nordstrom sale girl, I do not believe in spending tons of money to shoot looks then return it all and have a void of no new fall clothes. SET A BUDGET, it is that simple. Do not be a person that overspends. And if you are asking how to set a budget? Refer to no 4!
  3. Love a good basic – BASICS!!! I just stocked up on Basics, they are my bestie. We are talking about white tee shirts, jeans and simple things. I love in the winter to build over a basic layer! I recommend this so much!
  4. Shop around for trends- WAHHHH! Honestly Nordstrom Rack, Tj Maxx, Saks off 5th is the best outlets to buy this season designer for half the price! Example brand new free people dress retail for 150 at Nordstrom right now. Is currently 49.99 at Marshalls right now. Might I say anything else??? Also, did you know you can buy designer on Tj Maxx.com???? Shop away!

What are you guys loving, shopping and obsessing over for fall????

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