6 pieces you need from Target this Fall

I hate myself deeply for even starting out this conversation with the discussion of fall. But If I put my pumpkins out and fall candles out it means one thing. It is time for the transition to fall. Not to forget we are finally experiencing fall like temperatures.

I feel like we all sometimes have a hard struggle when it comes to transitioning to the next season. No like I struggle with the transition of seasons and I am super honest about it. I feel like we get comfortable with our way of dressing and keep wearing what works for us. And then poof! A new season is here, and we go right back to the old way of dressing. Comfort over anything.

Since I started a new job I work in a ridiculous causal office. Which is super cool when it comes to dressing for work, but it also leads to building that perfect wardrobe? I have been doing many strolls through target over the past few weeks and I have snagged needless to say some amazing pieces!!! I wanted to take sometime today to share 6 pieces YOU need this fall to transition your wardrobe into fall ready!

Also over on isntagram stories I am breaking down all the pieces and sharing why I love them so much and why they are perfect to add into ones fall wardrobe.

Shop all of the pieces I snagged from Target below!

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