5 Tips for Staying on Track when Working From Home


Hi Everyone and Happy Monday!

I really wanted to share with you guys today 5 tips and tricks I have adopted since I have been working from home this past week! I wanted to not only round up 5 tips and tricks I have for keeping yourself feeling productive and acomplishing all those goals! I also wanted to share some adorable and easy WFH looks to help you feeling comfortable and put together in the coming days and weeks.

  1. Always have a routine set into place– Wake up, get dressed, have your coffee and put a little makeup on. This past week I will not lie I was not putting makeup on and getting dressed until roughly 3:00. That deeply effected my productivity and the feeling of accomplishing my day to day tasks. By Wednesday I was getting up, getting dressed and clothed for the day and I felt 900% more productive with my day!
  2. Make a list and keep to it- This goes for anything I am so into lists, I live for a list in my life. But I feel the most productive and accomplished when I can check off all the things on my list. I always say keep to a list!
  3. Change up those working locations-  I heard from a friend this past week that they worked in different areas all week. They felt more productive, clear headed and ready to tackle obsticiles. This is something going into week two I am going to adopt!
  4. Keep a schedule during the day–  BIGGIE here! I know we can get off task so easily being home and having all these distractions around us. This is just like no. 2. This week I am putting into place writing out my day, keeping me back to my lists and keeping me moving with activities.
  5. Need a walk? Go walk-  6 days this week I went walking. Being cooped up and sitting down for 8 plus hours. Can really make you slightly go stir crazy! I know this for a fact! I want to encourage you to go walk. During lunch? Clock out and take that 45 minute walk with a 15 minute lunch break! The feeling will leave you ready for the second half of your day!

Sharing all my favorite Lounge and WFH desk accessories with y’all!


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