5 Fall essentials every closet should have

Being that I only am a senior in high school and you probably think I wear the same jeans and tee with an occasional knit. Well I can’t say I do that, however I learned that you really need to have basics in your closet to build up your wardrobe. This post is dedicated to those girls in college or high school that want to expand their wardrobe without breaking the bank! This post is even dedicated to those who don’t really know what to splurge on or not. 

1. The white tee-  Hello!!! one of those every season essentials in the summer you can throw it on with a cute pair of cropped jeans, then in the fall throw it on with a knit sweater and a scarf and you’re ready to take on the day. I always go to Target to purchase my white tee’s because they get ugly really fast

2. The Knit cardigan- one of my favorite thing’s I own, basically I splurge on this item because a quality made one can really last forever and stay nice for a very long time. I even wear mine to bed at times because of how soft they are.

3. The Good old Blue Jeans – Okay, yes Jeans are the best invention but I sometimes get so sick of wearing them. I always wear American Eagle for two reasons, one my age group has always worn American Eagle, and two I’m from Pittsburgh and the brand started here. But this is an item I would Splurge on because cheaper jeans tend to rip easily and you see yourself throwing them away. So invest in a pair you know you can keep for 5 years and that would go out of style.

4. The Leather Handbag- Something that can totally be a splurge or not, Hello tj maxx has adorable bags. Find something that complements you and fits your style. Remember to buy something that if you’re in a hurry you can grab and go.

5. The Knit Scarf- Something that everyone during the changing season should have, I have at least two. And I just take mine and tuck it into my jacket or have it hanging out great for those chilly nights when your out with friends. Definitely something you shouldn’t have to splurge on.

White tee Old Navy , Scarf Forever 21 , Large Knit Target, Purse Rebecca Minkoff, Jeans American Eagle 


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