3 tips and tricks to build an essential wardrobe

TGIT Y’all!!!

Did anyone happen last night to catch the season premier of Real Housewives of Dallas? My eyes were glued to the episode so beyond good I was obsessed! Truth is I am by far one of the biggest Real Housewives person on this planet. Literally, words cannot describe my love for Bravo and anything bravo! Sorry not sorry, if you are not as obsessed with it like me!

Switching ties over here back to today’s blog post. With fall right around the corner, I am spending these past few weeks in nothing else but shorts and comfy summer clothes before is tied to jeans and sweaters. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE fall, and I love fall clothing. But however, I love summer’s easy breezy clothing whatever goes clothing choices. I am one girl that depends on summer easy breezy pieces to go and get me through the year. Truth is the older I get and the busier I get the less I have time to spend on styling and getting ready! I decided to come up with 5 tips and tricks I have with building an essential wardrobe!

  1. Buy the basic denim — invest and buy the basics, jeans, jean jackets, skirts, tops. You get the point you can wear them with just about anything! You get the point
  2. Buy the white shirt-I love love love basic white tee shirts they hold one of the biggest places in my heart. Everyone should own just a few!
  3. Finally, Buy basic pieces YOU know you can build- I have don’t this so much and I know so many people that have went along and did this also! You have to be smart about what your purchase is. So many of us just buy trends and then get stuck with stuff after the season is done and ask themselves why they purchased something like this. I did this last fall with the embroidered booties. I wore them and now I ask myself why I even own them!??




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