3 things I learned from testing out fall lipstick

Wow! Where has the time gone? After taking a vacation from my vacation and enjoying a little Fall break. I knew I needed to get back to you guys! Even though I have been posting on Instagram I kinda have been neglecting you guys! Which is so unlike me, but I’ll be honest not worrying about a website for a week in a half was a fun little time! But never less I’m excited to be back to you guys!

Earlier this week I showed you guys over on insta stories some awesome lip shades for fall I received from Pixi beauty! The whole line was amazing pigmented and perfect for fall! Leaving me feeling amazing and confident for the fall season! I asked if you guys would be interested in seeing a post about the best fall shades for the season! Without batting an eyelash you all said YES. Making my job way more fun! So today I decided to share three things I discovered when sampling new lipsticks for the fall season! Can I get an amen about fall and lipsticks??? AMEN

1.  Pigmentation is everything
You are probably thinking what is she talking about? Hear me out here, if you don’t have a rich and pigmented lipstick you won’t be able to achieve a fun natured lipstick for the season. I loved experimenting with different shades and seeing the pigments of the colors. All of which actually looked very good on me. I am a blue undertone girl for sure. So it does get challenging when I go into a red lipstick! But this whole set I sampled looked perfect on my pale skin tone! For reference, I’m porcelain skin

2. Speaking of skin tone
Yep, one of the hardest things! I feel like as we grow in our beauty years we learn the best for what looks good on us. Goodbye, bad eyeliner look hello natural classic lashes! Moral of the story pick, a lippie that will look good with your skin tone for the season. Most of us give up spray tanning for the time being in the fall and winter months. For myself I know I couldn’t pull off that darker shade or undertone if I was pale. Now being tanner or having a deeper skin tone. Absolutely! Take time to get to know your boundaries with lipstick. Brows are important but we also need to think about lipstick because most people look at your teeth/mouth when you talk.
3. Finally, choose long lasting
How many times do we get a lipstick and it cracks and rubs off in roughly an hour leaving us saying what the heck??? One of the biggest annoyance in my life is this exact situation! Find a long-lasting lipstick that will stay put with your day. Personally, my days get crazy and in no way do I have time to re-apply and look. Majority of the time I don’t even have time to eat! So not enough time to re-apply all of my makeup! Find something that has a Matte finish to it and a long lasting power!

What are some of your very favorites with the change of the new season? Comment below and let me know your favorite brand and or formula that you are currently loving! I always love trying new and exciting brands and sharing and comparing them with you guys!


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