2020 Blog Goals and Resolutions


Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope that you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday! I enjoyed my time with family and friends. It really is crazy fast the holidays can go! I feel like it was just Thanksgiving and poof the holidays are here and now gone! Today I wanted to kick off the new year by sharing some Goals and Resolutions for my blog!

Like to Know.it – This is one thing that I really wanted to focus on in 2020 so much growth has happened for me in 2020 with my LTK.it and I really want to continue to bring you guys content on that platform. In the past few months I really have started to enjoy sharing new items with you all!

Grow Instagram- I know this sounds like something that is so common but in all seriousness this is something that I want to continue to grow within my little space on the internet. If you are new to this little space of the internet feel free to follow along over on Instagram, my username is @coffeenablonde I love new friends!

Grow Pintrest- Another funny one to metnion but in all seriousness this is something that I have been already working on in 2020. I have been taking time to clean up boards and re-vamp Coffee And A Blonde Board. Which is so exciting, I feel like I finally am understanding how to grow that little area of the internet a little bit more. If you all want to follow along feel free to tag along over on pintrest I am under @VictoriaFox

Continue to Grow this Space- It sounds pretty simple but in 2019 I connected with so many more of you guys and I absolutley loved it more than words! I want to continue to connect and grow with you all locally, and nationally! I am so excited to start this new year with my goals and everything and just keep conneting with you all!



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