2018 #Goals Goals GOALS

I am a pure set in her way kinda girl that believes in pure goals. In college we learn goal setting from day one! As a young millennial, I feel as though we are in one of the most competitive generations ever. Blogging, job search, internship and even every day can seem like a true challenge and competition. Truthfully I feel it is this way because of the way we set our goals. I’m also the first to admit that I HATE setting goals for the new year. I feel as though I can follow through with them and then I fail miserably. 

However turning 21 last year and feeling like I can balance wayyyyy too much in life where as in previous years I could not. I felt like opening up about my goals. 

Getting to that 10K 

YA you heard me! One thing I have a major goal of is finally hitting that magic number. I know that so many people have told me that hitting that number is the golden ticket and then after that it’s easy cruising. Truthfully I just want to prove to myself! Last year in the new year I had 2k I grew a dramatic 6K. Mindblown when Connor and myself did the math, not only that but it made me really proud! I want to reach this goal I pray I can! 

Get that job

Many bloggers want to make a livelihood off blogging. I LOVE blogging but I am the first to admit to you there is in fact, an oversaturated market of bloggers. Constantly competing to be the best and to get to the golden pot. I am in college and I am in fact excited to be offered that first job. I have worked and balanced so much for three years and with a year until graduation, I am pumped to say I want that job and or internship. My main goal is to score a job that I LOVE and or enjoy and if that fails well I have backups! 

Speaking of backups I want to explore…. Opening a Business 

 Ya, I have thought out this for a few times throughout 2017! I really want to open something I know what I want to do and where I want to do it and why. I can not believe how well received this has been thought-out the community. Telling people how I have thought about this it makes them excited. I am super open to this idea, I have even opened up a business plan. 

Finally, explore #BBG 

I have heard so many good things about this program! I have seen so many before and after’s and I would love to explore this option. I feel like I need an outlet more to help with my stress and everyday life. I spend so much time running around, I want to take 28 minutes out of my day to workout and train and to eat more properly! I will check back in! 


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