10 Tips for Recent Graduates

I cannot believe that I am writing this post right now! It feels like yesterday I just graduated from college and was on the hunt to start my career. I remember the feeling of worrying about finding a job and what I even wanted to do for a living. It is such a heavy thought and can be super challenging and scary to figure out what those next steps are. For me I thought about going back for my masters to buy sometime before having to be an adult. I have been wanting to write this post for a year now and I have had lot’s of time to think and compose my thoughts on being a post grad and looking for that “designer job.” Fun fact that “designer job” is not a real thing and if you think you are going to find that straight out of college please direct me! Truth is the first year out of college is hard, trying and confusing. And one year out of college, I can tell you I have some clear knowledge of where I am going next. And or plan to go for that matter. But with the recent turn of COVID-19 and careers kinda on pause it leaves so many recent graduates thinking what is next, I know this because I feel you! I wanted to share my 10 pieces of advice to give a recent college graduate.

Some tips I have for Recent College Graduates 

  1. Always respond to emails-this is a stupid one but its essential. Especially as you start your career. Always be the last one to respond
  2. Show as much enthusiasm as you can even if you DON’T care – 7/10 times it will be something that doesn’t interest you but it is something that WILL benefit you.
  3. Focus on the end goal-For me I wanted to make a smart career move. I really focused on my end goal and how it would benefit me, myself and I. Focus on that goal!
  4. Reach out to as many people as you can-You never know the connection that reaching out can do for you. My current job was from lot’s of reaching out, coffee meetings and emails.
  5. Always keep a file updated of career updates-This means if you have projects completed, assignments, accomplishments. Keep them in a Microsoft doc, always remember to keep updating those for portfolio reasons!
  6. Keep professional connections always-I am a huge Linkedin person I am always checking, reading and commenting on statuses. I think sometimes it tends to get spammy with people reaching out. But when I was looking for a job right out of college. I always would look at Linkedin to see the company, people and an idea of company culture.
  7. Take charge of your future-NO one is going to spoon feed you and give you opportunities. Only you have the chance to seek out and make a future for yourself!
  8. The hardest adjustment leaving college life to real life-So many times this past year I would see people still living a college or post grad life. Semi wishing that I took on the same opportunities for myself. Truth is we all have a path and if we are not 100% happy with our current path we can always change it and seek out new exciting things!
  9. The oddest adult moment will be signing up for health insurance and entering into a 401K. Believe me!
  10. ALWAYS-Be nice you will always hit goals, deadlines and make genuine working relationships with people by being as nice as you possibly can! I promise you!

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